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This wiki is in setup.

Projects here may cover situations where negotiation of community consensus is impossible because of censorship that is not disclosed to the community. Violation of a community consensus is not generally a topic here, except where the violation is by those with executive authority and is not widely known. itself has no position on controversial issues. Material here written by individuals (including the site owner) is the opinion or report of the individual, as are any conclusions expressed. Beyondpolitics exists to facilitate consensus formation and not to pretend that it is the sole judge of consensus or truth.


Site business

Currently, accounts are by invitation from Abd ul-Rahman Lomax. Abd is a global WMF user, home wiki user page is on the English Wikiversity. Abd may be emailed by registered WMF users through the interface there.

If any person is not registered on WMF wikis, or has been globally locked, and wishes to participate here, I suggest creating an account on Wikiversity with an anonymous email address from yahoo or gmail or the like, setting up email, and then emailing Abd through that. The account need not be used for any other purpose. However, if you are interested in, you may well be interested in Wikiversity.

(Abd was globally banned in early 2018, for undisclosed reasons. He may be contacted on Reddit, at this writing, as u/Abdlomax.)

There are many WMF users globally locked (the rate in 2014 was roughly 5000 every three months, though most are spammers), but a global lock is not a global ban. What I suggest above is not a violation of the WMF TOS. Using such an account to send abusive email would be.

Stealing a line from Alcoholics Anonymous:

All it takes to set up a wiki is a resentment and a coffee pot.

The immediate occasion for this wiki, as set up now, came from immediate experience on, ostensibly set up to facilitate reform of Wikipedia. At the time of setup, the evening of the 25th of July, 2014, this Beyond politics wiki was not actually necessary, it was just an idea, a key, fitting several locks.

Beyond had been hosted elsewhere and was shut down, the archive was lost, except for what is on the Internet Archive, and it was now time to set it up again. Some of the old content will be recovered, but there is now much more experience and sophistication than was present at the time the early material was written.

However, the morning of the 26th July, for me, the situation changed. See Project:Offwiki/Abd Bliki. This site became a place where I could place material deleted or blocked elsewhere. Others will be able to do this, where there is a connection with the purposes of, and subject to ethical standards and process, which will be made clear.

Briefly, was started more than a decade ago to document and encourage the use of Delegable proxy technology by Free Associations, as a method of rapidly and efficiently assessing consensus on issues, which creating workability in discussion.

One aspect of FA/DP process is the exploration of full consensus, with a goal of maximization. That requires free and open discussion. "Free and open" does not mean a "free-for-all," a battle. It does mean that people take stands for what they believe or think or see. Full consensus process is famously tedious. However, the DP structure, and what it can encourage, creates, naturally, small compatible working groups. Much is know about how to do this, there is organizational experience and success to explore.